Training Simulation Management Tool (TSMT)



The Training Simulation and Management Tool (TSMT) provides a single, interconnected training and management environment that instantiates a Common Synthetic Environment (CSE), in which units from Soldier/Squad through Army Service Component Command (ASCC) will train in the most appropriate live, virtual, constructive, or gaming environment or in all four simultaneously. This training capability will enable Army units and leaders to conduct realistic multi-echelon / multi-domain combined arms maneuver and mission command training, increasing proficiency through repetition.


The Army’s TSMT will provide two of the three training enabler capabilities to facilitate a unified collective training system for Soldier/Squad through Army Service Component Command (ASCC), across Warfighting Functions.

  • The Training Simulation Software (TSS) is the foundational software simulation framework that enables/facilitates the instantiation of a CSE that sets the conditions for the attainment of training objectives.
  • The Training Management Tool (TMT) is a set of intuitive and easy to use tools that will provide commanders, staffs, trainers, leaders and soldiers with the capability to plan, prepare, execute, monitor, and assess multi-echelon collective training in operational, self-development and institutional training domains.

System Interdependencies

  • One World Terrain (OWT)
  • Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS)
  • Reconfigurable Virtual Collective Trainer (RVCT)

Foreign Military Sales



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