Unmanned Aircraft System – Target (UAS-T)


To provide a target system that offers a generic representation of a tactical class of unmanned aircraft systems being deployed by potential adversaries worldwide. The target system is available to support developmental and operational testing of weapon systems, Force Development Test and Experimentation, and training operations.


The BroadSword Unmanned Aircraft System – Target (UAS-T), designated the MQM-171, provides realistic threat representation of unmanned aircraft systems likely to be employed against U.S. and Allied Forces in the tactical environment.  It can be flown manually within line-of-sight by the operator, but is normally operated using an autopilot that provides a wide variety of repeatable flight mission profiles to represent UAS operations. The air vehicle is available in both carbon fiber and fiberglass construction to provide different radar signatures to accommodate varied user requirements. UAS-T systems are currently available to support target requirements on ranges worldwide.

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