The Virtual Target program provides a wide array of support to the test and training Modeling and Simulation (M&S) community. Virtual Targets provides four supporting modeling and simulation components:

  • Simulation Input Generation: The Targets Generation Laboratory develops simulation inputs to support visualization, radar frequency and infrared simulations. The Target Generation Laboratory also addresses emerging simulation technologies to maintain model products suitable for simulation input, both today and in the future. 4
  • Verification and Validation: The model verification and validation process is a stringent method approved by the Army Threat Validation Working Group. Models are reviewed by this process to ensure that each model is properly constructed in accordance with (IAW) AR 5-11 and properly validated as threat representative IAW AR 73-1.
  • CAD Models: The Virtual Targets project develops high-fidelity CAD models of field equipment for use throughout the Army and DoD.
  • Distribution: The Army Model Exchange (AME) provides a distribution point for target models and Synthetic Environment (SE) Core Common Moving Models to support test and evaluation, training, modeling and simulation requirements.  The AME is also available as a model repository and distrubition service to the DoD as a whole.  It is located at

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