Provide integrated worldwide Live, Virtual, and Constructive maintenance, operations, and sustainment of training systems.


Project Lead Field OPS (Field OPS) executes the largest part of its business through the Warfighter Field OPS Customer Support (FOCUS) (WFF) contract. WFF is the U.S. Army’s largest training services contract. It provides integrated worldwide Live, Virtual, and Constructive maintenance, operations, and sustainment of training systems. Field OPS’ WFF Contract generates substantial efficiencies by maximizing flexibility within a site, and among multiple sites by providing technicians cross-trained in various disciplines across numerous systems. This enables local and regional training managers to concentrate manpower seamlessly, which maximizes the efficiency of every training dollar by expending resources exactly where, when, and in the amount required.

Field OPS also dramatically improves efficiency by task-organizing itself and the WFF contract to support the Army’s Training Support System Enterprise. It has assistant directors who specialize in:

  • Soldier Systems which support particular weapons systems training; training systems that provide individual and collective training regardless of unit type or a Soldier’s Military Occupational Specialty; and “Mission Command Training” which trains commanders and their staffs
  • Maneuver Combat Training Centers, where units train in brigade and battalion collective instrumented training
  • Sustainable Range Programs, the firing and non-firing ranges that train marksmanship and fire control
  • Support Mission (includes Contingency Operations Support and Foreign Military Sales)

Field OPS executes the WFF contract using a workforce that contains a broad range and extended depth of knowledge and experience. Field OPS uses government and contracted personnel to perform acquisition management of its training services contracts.

System Interdependencies

Project Managers Training Devices (TRADE), Instrumentation, Targets and Threat Simulators (ITTS) and Integrated Training Environment (ITE). PMs TRADE, ITTS and ITE provide life cycle updates to associated TADSS to include concurrency, technical refresh and obsolescence upgrades. These efforts assist Field Operations with

Foreign Military Sales

WFF provides FMS training services to the following countries: Afghanistan, Albania, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Columbia, Egypt, Georgia, Kuwait, Indonesia (FY18), Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Macedonia, Netherlands, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Serbia, Taiwan and United Arab Emirates


  • Raytheon Intelligence, Information and Services (Orlando, FL)