Wideband Training and Certification System (WTCS)



The Wideband Training and Certification System (WTCS) is an interactive system to train military and/or civilian operators on the Wideband SATCOM Operational Management System (WSOMS) and its associated subsystems.


Simulates and supports training, evaluation and certification activities for:

  • Normal and other-than normal transmissions control operations for the WGS System
  • High fidelity satellite telemetry and payload control
  • Uplink and downlink spectrum operations
  • An interactive system that supports initial training for the Army’s MOS 25S 1C
  • Supports sustainment training for the WSOC’s military and/or civilian controller personnel
  • Allows WSOC operators to receive risk-free, real-time experience, track their progress and self-paced learning

System Interdependencies

  • The Satellite Systems/Network Coordinators learn to use nine software systems that are part of WSOMS.

Foreign Military Sales



  • Northrop Grumman (Orlando, FL)