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STRI PM & Major Organizations

Operational Contacts

The operational elements and their functional support organizations within the PEO; responsible for acquisition, materiel development and sustainment of live, virtual, constructive, and gaming models, simulations, instrumentation and their environments supporting training and testing capabilities for the Nation’s security.

Mr. Tim Bishop, SES
SGM Steven A. Brown
Megan Serra
PM Soldier TrainingPM Synthetic EnvironmentPM Cyber, Test & TrainingPL TADSS Support OperationsPL International Programs
COL Scott McLeod
COL Marcus Varnadore
COL Corey Hemingway
Mr. Bob Wolfinger
Mr. Dale Whittaker

STRI Liaison

Customer Liaison Office

Addresses inquiries from Customers, typically DoD and other Government organizations, regarding STRI products and services; provides assistance to Customers desiring to procure products and services through PEO STRI.

Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP)

Advises the PEO, DPEO and staff members on issues impacting Federal small business programs; advocates for small business enterprises; develops and implements strategies providing maximum procurement opportunities to small businesses while supporting PEO STRI's contracting mission. The OSBP serves as the primary/initial point of entry for small businesses desiring to conduct business with PEO STRI.

Technical Industry Liaison Office (TILO)

Provides the interface with PEO STRI’s industry partners to expand awareness of existing and emerging industry capabilities; assists industry by outlining the PEO’s mission, goals, structure, acquisition processes and provides insight for business opportunities.

STRI Administrative Assistance

Accessibility Help and Information

Addresses questions, suggestions, or issues relevant to the functionality of the PEO STRI Public Web Site to the web development staff.

Freedom of Information Office (FOIA)

Responds to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Privacy Act (PA) requests.


Provides an unbiased review process of requirements and competition; handles concerns and issues from Industry throughout the acquisition cycle; provides open communication between Government and Industry on issues ranging from technical information to process improvement.

Public Affairs Office

Processes all media inquiries and interview requests.

Security and Intelligence Office

Addresses OPSEC or security-related questions, suggestions or issues directly to the PEO STRI Security Office.

Website Feedback

Addresses questions, suggestions, or issues relevant to the functionality of the PEO STRI Public Web Site to the web development staff.