One Semi-Automated Forces (OneSAF) reduces duplication of Army Modeling and Simulation (M&S) and other government agencies’ investments, fosters interoperability and reuse across M&S communities, and meets the M&S requirements of the future force.


To satisfy all U.S. Army M&S community and other government agencies’ needs for a common, reusable, computer-generated (ground) forces entity-level simulation.


OneSAF is a computer-generated forces simulation that provides entity-level models and behaviors that are both semi-automated and fully automated applications designed to achieve Army readiness. As a cross-domain simulation, OneSAF supports the training, test and evaluation, analysis, intelligence, acquisition and experimentation communities by providing the latest physics-based modeling and data collection, and reporting capabilities. OneSAF models real-world representations of platforms, Soldiers, equipment, logistical supplies, communications systems and networks, emerging threats, and aviation assets to achieve the level of fidelity required for a particular application or scenario.

Benefit to the Warfighter

OneSAF eliminates the need for multiple simulation tools across analysis, experimentation, test and evaluation, training, intelligence, and acquisition modeling and simulation communities and provides a transparent training environment for today’s commanders and their battle staffs by utilizing current Mission Command Systems.


  • Software-only program
  • Uses controlled unclassified information
  • Computer generated forces simulation
  • Standards-based architecture

OneSAF provides a domestic release that is available to all U.S. government users and an international version to support non-U.S. requirements. OneSAF also provides a full range of training, development, technical support and on-site support services.

DA Forms & InstructionsOneSAF Patch Request FormsOneSAF and Bifrost Info

DA Instructions

OneSAF DAs (Release Date)

Bifrost DAs (Related OneSAF Version)

  • v4.1 (OneSAF v12.1)
  • v4.0 (OneSAF v12.0)

*A DA must be on file for the release version being patched or submitted at the same time.

IR&D FormsBifrost Patch Request FormsOneSAF IDE Account Requests

*A DA must be on file for the release version being patched or submitted at the same time.

OneSAF Community internal development site account request:

OneSAF Product Support

Users can contact OneSAF Product Support for help installing, operation or developing with OneSAF.

Email: OneSAF Product Support

The following link provides the software and hardware baseline lists for operating OneSAF. This information is also located in the OneSAF Maintenance Manual, which is one of the documents provided with the release media.

Software Baseline List (SBL) & Hardware Baseline List (HBL) - version 12.0

OneSAF Website Access

Users can request access to the OneSAF program website which contains program and product information as well as access to the issue reporting system. Users should submit a OneSAF IDE Account Request to the email address listed in the form instructions. (Hot Link to Account Request)

System Interdependencies

  • OneSAF provides high-fidelity entity modeling and interoperability via the Entity Simulation Service (ESS) to support the Joint Land Component Constructive Training Capability (JLCCTC).
  • Provides required SAF capabilities for Aviation Combined Arms Tactical Trainer (AVCATT), the Non-Rated Crew Member Manned Module (NCM3) and Close Combat Tactical Trainer (CCTT).
  • Provides the common Mission Command Adapter used to stimulate the latest Army Mission Command systems.
  • Provides the operational realism and wraparound forces in support of Battle Lab Collaborative Simulation Environment experiments and the Network Integration Evaluation (NIE) objectives.

Foreign Military Sales



  • Riptide Software (Orlando, FL)